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Personal Injury Attorney in Albany, New York

Convincing Representation for Personal Injury Clients

Personal Injury - Defense Attorney in Albany, NY
The Professional Law Office of Henry Bauer in Albany, New York, is dedicated to helping people with their legal problems through representation for personal injury recovery . With a wide range of experience, Hank has presided over, defended, and prosecuted thousands of cases.

He recognizes and appreciates the impact a legal problem can have on an individual. There is no substitute for experience, skill, and old-fashioned hard work in providing the care and service your case deserves.

Seeking Recovery for Your Personal Injuries

In addition to notable criminal defense work, The Professional Law Office of Henry Bauer is also a strong advocate for the rights of injured people. If you have suffered a personal injury because of an auto accident or the negligence of an individual or business, Hank can help.
Contact Hank today to receive the funds you need to cover injury costs.