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Criminal Law Defense in Albany, New York


Assertive Criminal Defense

The Professional Law Office of Henry Bauer in Albany, New York, provides experienced, thorough, and aggressive criminal defense services for people throughout the state. Hank's philosophy is simple — every defendant has the right to a vigorous defense. He represents clients through all stages of any type of criminal case — from investigation and arrest to bail hearings and trial.
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Some Criminal Law Matters Include But Are Not Limited To:

• Homicide & Other Violent Crimes
• State & Federal Charges
• Theft Offenses
• Drug Charges
• White-Collar Crimes
• DWI & Traffic Offenses
• Sex Crimes
We Handle All Criminal Law Matters!

You Received a Traffic Ticket in Upstate New York

Since your driver's license is a valuable commodity, Hank defends your rights and makes every effort to protect your license and driving privilege. He has the experience to know how to deal with the police and prosecutors in all of the local courts.

In most cases, you will not have to appear in court. It is important to understand the impact a ticket can have on your insurance. He has the ability to negotiate reductions to lesser offenses most of the time.

Negotiate or Defend

He thoroughly investigates the facts underlying each client's case, and after a meticulous review of the information, devises a comprehensive plan of attack to seek the best possible results. While plea negations are considered if that is in your best interest, Hank will not hesitate to take the case to trial to protect your rights and freedoms.